Ma’antech Vision

Reduce the inequality between Jews and Arabs in the High Tech industry so that the number of Arab Engineers working in High Tech will reflect their portion in the Israeli population.

Ma’antech Mission

Recruit the High Tech industry to the mission of increasing the number of Arab Engineers in the industry. This by providing tools and means to bridge the gaps and remove barriers.

Who Are We?

While Israeli Arabs are about 20% of the population, their representation in the High Tech industry is around 1%. This is an unacceptable situation and both the industry and the community suffered from it as the opportunities and potential were not fulfilled.

In recognition of the problem, The 9th President of Israel, Mr. Simon Peres and Cisco Chairman and CEO Mr. John Chambers announced Ma’antech initiative.

Maantech was launched on February 9th 2011 and consists of a coalition of companies  lead by Cisco.   A 40 companies coalition , committed to President Peres for making a true effort for hiring Arab engineers. The number of Arab engineers hired by those companies since launching is around 1,000,which doubles the number of Arab Engineers in the High Tech industry.

This program aims to open the doors of the Hi-Tech industry for the Arab population while focusing on recruiting professional impartially.

In order to help the Arab students and engineers to join the High Tech industry, Maantech is operating in few areas taking into account the cultural gaps and the challenges they face:  we offer a variety of workshops by Kav- Mashve, an ambassadors program by Appleseeds Academy to outreach the students. A Mentorship project is operated by Tsofen where experienced Engineers are assigned to candidates to help and escort them in their journey of seeking a job, from the interviews stage to their first steps in the new job.

In Parallel, the coalition companies are offered with diversity workshops and a free recruiting service.


Boaz Maoz1

Boaz Maoz, GM Cisco Israel

“An international and global company like Cisco is a the best school you can find for an engineers in their first steps” .

Mooly Eden, Senior Vice President. Intel Israel

“we employ a variety of groups in Israeli - non-religious, religious, Arabs, orthodox”

Imad Telhami, Founder and CEO of Babcom Centers

“The company combines business with social initiatives in order to promote minorities whoever and wherever they are”.